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MOWOOT Chronic Constipation Therapy Device

MOWOOT – the Natural Solution to Chronic Constipation

MOWOOT is a new abdominal massage therapy system for chronic constipation. MOWOOT treats, manages and prevents chronic constipation without laxatives, enemas and colon cleansing supplements. 

MOWOOTis designed for home use and for use in clinics, hospitals and care homes. MOWOOT is compact, portable and easy to use. MOWOOT is light to carry and features a handle for easy lifting during moving from room to room and during travel or transportation.    

MOWOOT overview

Safe, effective and clinically proven 

MOWOOT Chronic Constipation Therapy Device

Helps to achieve regular and easier bowel movements

Reduces discomfort and pain associated with constipation

Eliminates intestinal gasses 

Reduces pain associated with abdominal bloating

Reduces discomfort caused by evacuation

Reduces time spent in the bathroom

Improves health and wellbeing  

Improves appetite

Improves quality of life   

Easy to use, comfortable and pleasant in use

Convenient non-invasive and non-irritating treatment

Cheaper than long-term ongoing purchases of laxatives 

MOWOOT Chronic Constipation Therapy Device

Can be used sitting or lying down, thus utilising time 

Daily sessions of 10 to 20 minutes duration  

Improvements achieved as early as 3 to 7 days after first treatment

Long-term use delivers lasting health benefits

Treats 1 or 2 people simultaneously, as required

Mains powered

Medical device (CE 0086)

2 years warranty

MOWOOT mimics manual abdominal massage normally performed by therapists, nurses or carers. Abdominal massage speeds up intestinal transit in people with chronic constipation and relieves constipation.     

MOWOOTis clinically proven to double evacuation frequency, soften stools, improve regularity, reduce gasses and bloating, relieve abdominal discomfort and effectively combat chronic constipation. 

MOWOOT can help people commonly suffering with chronic constipation, such as people with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease, people with constipation caused by taking certain medications, menopausal and post-menopausal women and the elderly people.    

Non-invasive and drug-free, MOWOOT abdominal massage therapy does not have side-effects associated with pharmacological anti-constipation interventions. MOWOOT therapy does not lose its effectiveness with long-term use. Comfortable and simple to use day after day, MOWOOT delivers effective solution to problems of chronic constipation. Regular daily use of MOWOOT alleviates constipation and improves quality of life!      

MOWOOT Chronic Constipation Therapy Device

Just 10 – 20 minutes per day of MOWOOT abdominal massage produces improvements and significant results in only 3 – 7 days after the first treatment. Positive health benefits and greater quality of life are achieved with long-term daily use. 

MOWOOT abdominal massageis pleasant and relaxing. You can use MOWOOT sitting or lying down, when relaxing, reading, watching TV or working on your computer. 

MOWOOT is a desk top device with massage delivered via 4 independently attachable massage treatment belts. During treatment, a massage treatment belt is wrapped round the waist of the treated person. MOWOOT can treat 1 person or 2 people simultaneously as the MOWOOT desk top unit can connect with 1 or 2 treatment belts. This makes MOWOOT very convenient for use in family settings with more than one chronic constipation sufferer and in care homes, where many people may need constipation relief treatment.  

MOWOOT massage treatment belts are made in 4 sizes and you simply choose the belt in your size. One MOWOOT device can treat more than one person, provided a belt in appropriate size is available.  

MOWOOT Chronic Constipation Therapy Device

MOWOOT is a Class 2 Medical Device (CE 0086).   

For more info on MOWOOT contact Win Health Medical Ltd by phone on 01835 864866 or via e-mail to or visit

Win Health Medical Ltd

Unit 1, Oxnam Road Industrial Estate 

Jedburgh, TD8 6LS

T: 01835 864866 / F: 01835 268136

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