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Dating Tips For Those With A Disability

The world of dating can be a scary place to navigate, especially if you aren’t used to putting yourself out there!

Here at UCAN2 magazine we KNOW that there is a Mr or Mrs Right out there for everybody, so we’ve compiled our top dating tips to help you on your romantic journey! 

Dating Tips For Those With A Disability

1.    Stay calm – you’ve got this! 
The first of our dating tips is an easy one. You need to have a positive attitude about starting to date. Feeling negative, terrified or pessimistic will only make you come across as being cynical or extremely nervous. 

Focus on your strengths, your favourite qualities about yourself and what you could bring to a relationship. This will help you build up your confidence. And remember, you are not defined by your disability – you have just as much of a right to date as everybody else.

2.    Be honest
The best way to start a potential relationship is by being completely honest – about yourself, your life and of course of your disability. 

It will be extremely difficult to establish a good relationship with someone if you start out by lying. It could also hinder your relationship in the long run, as your partner will have a difficult time understanding your needs if you aren’t honest.

Two people with a disability on a date - disabled dating tips

3.    Consider meeting others with disabilities 
There are lots of reasons why you should consider dating someone else who has a disability. You’ll have something in common and will be able to relate to each other on a more personal level. 

But remember, there are no restrictions when it comes to love! You can and should date whoever you want to, whether they have a disability or not. 

4.     It’s OK to be rejected
Rejection is a very normal part of life. Not everybody you date is going to be your cup of tea, nor are you going to be theirs! 

Don’t let dating rejections knock you back, we know that it can be upsetting but dwelling on it definitely isn’t worth your time. 

5.    Don’t give up!
We all know the saying “you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince charming” and it couldn’t be more true.  

You might not find your perfect match straight away which can be frustrating, but don’t let it trouble you too much.  Instead, focus on all the friendships you’ve made along the way and try to stay positive. The right person will come along soon!

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