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Accessible attractions to visit across the UK

Sometimes, you can for family members who be stuck for ideas are visually impaired, while of where to go as a wheelchairs are available at family for a day out the attraction too. We have put together a list of easily- accessible attractions for families to visit in the UK.

For chocolate lovers: Cadbury World
Is there anything cooler than a day out at a real-life chocolate factory? You can find Cadbury World just a few short miles south of Birmingham city centre and then enjoy being taken on
a self-guided exhibition tour which encompasses various interesting and exciting zones. Prepare to go on a thrilling adventure within the 4D chocolate adventure experience, learn how your favourite treats are made in the interactive manufacturing zone, step back in time to witness how the Cadbury brand came about at the Bull Street zone and much more.

Of course, it’s also ‘essential’ to treat your sweet tooth when the tour ends. Call into the Cadbury World Café and make a purchase or two at the World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop.
Accessible features at Cadbury World
If you’re disabled, you can receive a large print guide and concessions throughout the tour. There’s also touch and feel key props throughout the exhibition user and have a RADAR key, you can access a state-of- the-art Changing Places facility. This incorporates a height-adjustable sink unit, a height-adjustable changing bed, rails and support arms, an automatic toilet, a modesty screen and a ceiling screen.

Caernarfon Castle - Accessible attractions to visit across the UK

For those after a fun history lesson: Caernarfon Castle
You won’t mistake this World Heritage site as Wales’ Caernarfon Castle has an intimidating presence. Created by King Edward I on the banks of the River Seiont in the north-west of Wales, this castle still looks incredibly threatening centuries later. As well as imagining how history played out many years ago though, youngsters are also sure to want to check out Caernarfon Castle’s recently opened 3D attraction — a feature which grants them the opportunity to take control of menacing, fire-breathing, holographic dragons.

The Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum is another must- visit part of the castle. Situated within two towers of the World Heritage Site, history fans will be able to take in how the Royal Welch Fusiliers Regiment won 14 Victoria Crosses during their courageous battles. A number of famous writers also served within the Royal Welch Fusiliers in World War One — including Robert Graves, David Jones, Frank Richards, Siegfried Sassoon and “Hedd Wyn” — and some of their most memorable words can be heard echoed throughout the museum.

Accessible features at Caernarfon Castle
You may be under the impression that a Medieval times fortress wouldn’t be accessible for all the family. However, you’d be wrong when it comes to Caernarfon Castle. After getting input from a local access group, access to all of the castle’s inner wards are now granted via a purpose-built access ramp alongside two sets of steps. Wheelchair access is then accessible throughout the entire lower level of the World Heritage Site.

For those wanting to connect with nature: Chester Zoo
You won’t be stuck for things to do if you visit Chester Zoo. After all, the zoo is home to more than 21,000 of the world’s most endangered and exotic animals! Where will you set your sights on first? One of nature’s fiercest hunters, the Komodo dragon, can be found at the Dragons in Danger habitat, for instance, while a breeding herds of Asian elephants are among the animals who go about their daily lives at the Asian Forest habitat.

Even when you venture away from the 15 animal habitats, you still have a lot of areas to explore. Those with a passion for plants will love Chester Zoo’s botanical gardens — all 125 acres of it spread across various themes — while the attraction’s nature reserve is ideal for getting close to local wildlife within a tranquil outdoor space.Accessible features at Chester Zoo
If you are visiting Chester Zoo with assistance dogs, you’ll be pleased to hear that Registered Assistance Dogs are able to enter every section of the site, with a map available which details an assistance dog-friendly route.

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